I am a self taught artist, originally from Southern California, but raised in the inner city of Dallas. I am a philanthropist, creative advisor and arts advocate. I’m founder of FGIIIArt and creative advisor at RISING Gallery in Dallas, Tx.

FGIIIArt was founded as an umbrella organization dedicated to establishing unity within the Dallas arts as well as instilling purpose and vision into the work of the individual artist. FGIIIArt draws awareness to what is already taking place in our art community, everyday, within the various art collectives that already exist. Without seeking membership, FGIIIArt strives to be a community hub, which serves as an earpiece and mouthpiece for the individual artists in Dallas, as a whole. By providing education and guidance, pooling our collective resources, and stressing the need for community, FGIIIArt works to strengthen and empower the individual artists in OUR city.

Creating and designing environments for residential and commercial spaces that implement the local arts are a passion and specialty of mine. I'm excellent at developing color pallets and at building concepts for large production events/exhibitions that require intricate installations. I'm currently working with several local artists in the Dallas community who firmly believe in the importance of supporting and uniting the local arts so as to stimulate awareness of how important they are to every community.

I believe, that as artists, we have the capabilities to innovatively resovle/tackle anything, in any aspect of life… IF WE WANT TO! This world is a big white canvas and it’s all about what WE make out of it… It’s all here for our creative taking.